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You can increase the size of your boat

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Start date 22-07-21 - 08:23
End date 24-07-21 - 09:35
  • Description

    When the frame is completed it is time to begin attaching the planks to it. There will be approximately 100 planks in total to complete the exterior of the boat. As your level advances, you will be able to add more to your boat. You can increase the size of your boat, or buy multiple boats. It's incredible, just take a look. An entire armada of boats in your possession (If you're wealthy at all).

    Once you finish the outside of the boat you must do the interior. A work crew can be hired to construct decks, cabins for crews (Crews are discussed later) and various other rooms (Most types). It is necessary to construct planks for this and also you can use bars made of metal.

    One thing you need in all times is a wheel, which is included with the frame. After you have completed that it is time to begin creating rooms by climbing up the ladder. One deck is located on the lower part of the small vessel (formerly known as your frame).

    The medium-sized ship has two lower decks, while the larger ship has up to three decks below. If you want to hire a crew, you could. The crew members are similar to workers in the construction industry, however they are able to perform different duties. They will require cooks and navigators.

    You must pay your crew money and provide them with crew quarters. When you head out on the sea, you are able to also store your supplies, such as food and beverages, including alchohal. If you venture out into the sea, you won't be attacked by other players ships but you can be searched and stopped by a patrol vessel.

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