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It can be resolved through chat with your clan

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    This lets mage have more runes, and also provides 95 slayers with an income stream that is steady. Strategies for VAs. First of all, these strategies are not effective. You must be aware of the attack from the outside and defend your distance.

    I'm not sure where to put the story's beginning point or the place to tell the story. This is a challenge since I am a specialist in backstories. This is fine. Do not judge me until I'm done.

    It can be resolved through chat with your clan. The leader of the clan decides on the percent of NPC fighters are in the game. Then you can start. There are two fortresses divided by an area of battle. There are eight sections on the battleground, each having an orb in the middle of.

    First, you must rid the area and adjacent areas of enemy in order to manage it. After that, you can you can touch it. It is possible to manipulate it by pressing it for 20 minutes. The base of the fortress is where players can respawn.

    The players are able to utilize the teleportation pad to move to an zone they have control of. NPCs will appear at the base as well as at any orb that you manage during the fight. There is the possibility of having as many as 20 players and 180 NPCs in your team.

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