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What has happened to Runescape today?

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What has happened to Runescape today? has not posted anything yet
Start date 27-08-21 - 11:58
End date 31-08-21 - 08:23
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    Maple long, precise style is the most damaging. Most cost efficient: Either maple long or maple short. Absolutely not willow comp. Most damage over time: Maple short. Maple short is one most frequently used. Willow comp is my most favorite overall bow (Mainly because it offers extra speed at the expense of speed, yet it is not as so slow as a longbow, with nice bonus range).

    The latest dungeoneering update appears to suggest that Just About the Gaming EXperience, aka Jagex has determined that the longbow made of maple was not being utilized enough. With the longbow sight being in place, it offers an impressive +110 range attack bonus on in addition to the usual bonuses that a maple longbow has.

    It would be interesting to see how the Sal's community reacts. The update will likely increase the popularity of longbows, perhaps because of the higher damage they do. Are Comp. The number of longbows with sight users is likely to fall as a result. Guiness worl record's has published a list of the most popular games. Ranescape is ranked 17th.

    What has happened to Runescape today? Everywhere I go, there is so much anti marcoing ads and threats about marcoing that it has come to point where we have to declare enough is enough. First I am strongly against macroing because it ruin the game and makes it difficult for honest players to get resources to help us skill. This issue will bring to light the fact that there's far too much fear surrounding the anti-marcoing campaign that Jagex and all the other players are involved in.

    First I play Runescape each day, and perform my fair share of playing in crowds. It's a pain to must speak in public, particularly when it comes to learning Firemaking and Mining. Because of the animated and colored text, I prefer to have private chat off. However, I can only use access to the public chat when I'm at an event with my clan or when I'm responding to a couple of questions or actually talking to people that I want to talk to.

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