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While still keeping the game fluid

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While still keeping the game fluid has not posted anything yet
Start date 16-09-21 - 11:58
End date 30-09-21 - 08:23
  • Description

    My personal preference is to stay focused on the gameplay of the video. If you're watching it using a phone or a computer it's difficult to fully understand the way you feel until you actually experience it. However... to what it's worth, this game appears to be just as smooth as the ads claim.

    The lob Lonzo Ball of the Pelicans threw at Zion over Steph looked extremely fluid, and while it was very predictable (I throw many, many shots on the pick and roll) the lob did not feel forced.The reason for this is that in prior games it felt like players were locked into certain animations.

    But this one felt more like Curry was on the ground being overwhelmed by Zion’s athleticism. Two things we will not realize until we actually experience the game is how much we can alter the settings , while still keeping the game fluid. In the video, they are running at 50 miles per hour. I'm thinking they're speaking of the 60-65 pace since it is more realistic.

    It's fair to say that they're playing Rookie and have difficulty. Based on the game I'm playing I can go from All-star to Hall of Fame. My friends and myself play serious games with each other We put the game on Hall of Fame. However, that can lead to a lot of missed threes, especially if the release is green.

    This could sometimes impact the actuality of the game. To prevent the frustrations and frustrations of a controller going out the window and the difficulty set to Ssuperstar. If you are trying to get out of your misery, then All-Star will be activated. It's not my fault.

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