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o clarify on OSRS Gold the previous sentence

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Start date 24-09-21 - 08:53
End date 30-09-21 - 08:53
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    I am level at 129. I started playing RS one month prior to when RS2 was announced officially. Because I was in middle-school in the time of my release, it was easy (and usually just a matter of days) to find the time to play RS. I'm a normal child. I had good grades, did my normal sports, and I was well educated. When you're young there's only so much you can do. I was the very first person in my town to have DSL. (I have it to this day use it fuuuu.png). What's wrong with me having my scapes on. My 11-year-old self was able to learn a lot about computers from the game.

    However, I'm not here to nostalgia. RS released a multitude of high-level updates during the past year. They include chaos weapons, godwars. Nex. corp, and turmoil. While I don’t mind the demands, there are many other items I don't have, but if I had the time allowed, I would most definitely have these.

    The aspect of RuneScape that has changed the most, is the community. Since PKing was removed, the majority of the older players that were part of large clans have grown up. The new era of players are now here and there's no way to go back. Adding the wilderness isn't going to alter anything. PVP has been a difficult experience for me.

    PVP is basically an exchange of insults over x followed closely by an excuse for x. It can be hard to find good PVM teams that aren't LS masses for me, because I don't play enough to be a chaotic weapon or possess an extra 160M floating around to buy chaos.

    I'm not blatantly insulting anyone, if anything I'm being a woman about this stuff. However, I believe that people are becoming more serious about runningescape over the past 3-4 years. I'm not averse to anybody. I've played longer and have even met some awesome 09ers.

    It is a bit odd that my boss being able purchase multiple levels for more than 100 million dollars is now a necessity. Since the practice of magning DKs using firebolt is considered normal, it's absurd. The players who are at my level have played for half as long as me, and they're really into runescape. It's awful to be the player people might hear saying "wow 99 mage you're not living a life." However, I'm feeling like things are getting way too serious. I hope that people will understand where I am being.
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