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God Wars Dungeon is an excellent illustration

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    How long will it take to get maxed combat stats in Runescape? Let's not overlook Summoning or Prayer since they require huge sums of money from else. But, magic is worth the effort as the price of increasing other skills should pay for it. Also, we can ignore Constitution since it is automatically taught.

    At a very approximate estimate, we can give an impressive 150k xp/hr across all of the abilities. Each skill is worth 13500kxp. That is 13,500,000. You must spend 90 hours working on every combat skill in order to get to 99. Now you have 450 hours to "max" your character without requiring non-combat skills.

    It is absurdly long and contributes greatly to the dearth of older players. They don't have enough time or are simply too busy to play runescape, while players of other mainstream MMOs do. There are many reasons that runescape is so challenging to play.

    The chances of you staying in a game will be higher if you make more effort. You've invested too much time into this game to start with another. The consensus is that the best content is of the highest level. The numbers are larger, the resolution is sharper and the community is more interested in content that is high-level.

    The overabundance of high levels of players in games that aren't specifically designed for them, makes mid-level players get better at the game or not be able to do that content. God Wars Dungeon is an excellent illustration. The bosses of the original game weren't designed for 138 players that had many kills. But when your level is lower than the 138 level, you will not be able to gain access to the game.

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