I am having difficulty determining what 99 to go for next Cover Image


I am having difficulty determining what 99 to go for next

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I am having difficulty determining what 99 to go for next has not posted anything yet
Start date 23-12-20 - 05:00
End date 31-12-20 - 00:48
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    Yeah I guess that'll be okay. I have not looked in the stats but if you are in a position to finish the Void Quests, then obtaining a Korasi would be nice. It's a top stab bonus and can also be 1 Handed. Although, a Chaotic Rapier would be the ideal thing to use. As it has a top attack rate/high stab/high power bonus. So if you work towards this then you would be set.

    I'm supposing you'll melee them together with Protect from Melee prayer. Dragon Boots for the Strength Bonus, since Bandos have little Prayer Bonus, and higher hits=faster kills=not as Prayer needed. I am not sure whether you can do anything for the Obsidian Cape. However, I really don't know if you're able to get those yet. So here are my gear for you: Helm- Helm of all Neitnoz.

    So I only bought 3 weeks of membership after taking a two year break. I am halfway through the first moth and went from level 60 melee abilities to level 70, except attack which is now 72. I'm considering training attack, strength, and defence around 75 and then going into Taverly dungeon to acquire some cash from blue dragons. Before I proceed to blue dragons, then I'd like to find some better armour and weapons when I can. Id love to know what to buy for gear.

    After I get my melee abilities to 75, I shall have about 5mil. I am training on tortoises in the gnome stronghold since they have large hp and low attack. They are not very good cash, but thay've been quickly xp sofar. I plan on only using melee combat (no range/mage). I was thinking about becoming barrows armour until I realised it degrades overtime, which would mean spending a great deal of money to purchase it again. If anybody has any sugestions regarding how Ican level up my three melee skills to 80 and make money, please inform me!My stats are under and have the following - I'm very poor by the way - less than 1m gc Mage. Mystic Robes & employees, Mirror or elem. Ranger Red Drags, Archer Helm, Magic Bow, Rune Arrows. Rune Plate human anatomy & Kite Shield (Toktz-ket-xil). Someone online has suggested I concentrate on getting my power stats up to 99 and get a GW sword (beyond my means) - any comments?

    I am having difficulty determining what 99 to go for next. At the moment I'm finishing off smithing and fletching. My WC was close for many years but probably won't bother. I hate gaining battle levels, I have been 84 fight for over a year. I've come up with 3 ideas which will give me some combat levels in return for some epic stats. I just don't know which to go for. I'm not going to do more than one option, because that will make my battle too significant.

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