Why so many OSRS players Appear to be hostile to RS3 gamers Cover Image


Why so many OSRS players Appear to be hostile to RS3 gamers

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Why so many OSRS players Appear to be hostile to RS3 gamers has not posted anything yet
Start date 01-07-21 - 09:50
End date 03-07-21 - 09:50
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    Or have I simply had worse than typical experiences as a RS3 player? I have even been encouraged by friends to stop playing RS3 and play OSRS. They almost seem offended when I inform them that I wish to stick with RS3. Been that way since the launch of OSRS. Just because most OS players that played said battle execution. Resentment from the driven change. That's understandable, however. It's been a very long time, but a lot people lost several hundreds or even thousands of hours of play time in addition to Runescape we grew up on. So for some, the bitterness runs deep.

    I think it stems from RuneScape being one of the most successful games on earth pre EOC / wilderness removal etc.. There's a good deal of individuals who had a lot of hatred towards Jagex for destroying Runescape they loved, and nearly everyone stopped. When OSRS came around it was essentially an entry that Jagex was wrong, and the simple fact that oldschool has come to be so much bigger than the main Runescape match proves that concept to many men and women. People despise what Jagex didn't RS3 and oldschool fuels which anger.

    I see. Thank you for this summary. Introduced EOC as an improvement or something rather. It does make me wonder just how incredible Runescape will be when they never went the RS3 course and spent the last 10+ years incorporating more content rather, but the team updates we get due to the manner OSRS is built makes me quite thankful it went this way.

    The two games are worlds apart today. Both are great though! MTX is at full swing (mostly cosmetics, however, so not too bad). I don't like the notion of pay to win, but at exactly the exact same time I realize it has its benefits too. It retains membership cost low and provides greater income for their small business. I've also never needed to cover membership for several years, due to buying bonds with my own in-game wealth! EOC has its defects, but I think it's pretty amazing overall. There are a lot of strategies that you can utilize. It is very interactive and that's exactly what I enjoy. It seems just like RNG isn't a huge factor in order to perform well.

    One of the worst facets, unfortunately, is that the condition of PVP. Bossing is awesome. If you want to test out EOC, there are a lot of youtube videos that show what has changed, and also very comprehensive guides as well. Personally, I've been creating low level account builds and bossing/dueling players. It's controversial though. I've been told a few times I'm the"Rendi of RS3" lol. I am not that great though. I believe that it was for comedy at the moment. Great luck! I hope you've got fun in both games!

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