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The hidden gnome city

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Start date 13-07-21 - 08:23
End date 14-07-21 - 08:23
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    Path of Glouphire, Temple of Ikov, Slug Menace, The Forgettable Tale..., Another Slice of H.A.M. 60 Slayer, 60 Agility, 70 Strength, 75 Firemaking, the capability to beat three level 103's simultaneously. Start your quest by talking to Commander Veldaban, at Keldagrim: Anything going on in Keldagrim recently?

    Not much in town, Zachman3334, but I have received word about the Red Axe. Are you okay, Zachman3334? Oh, yes, I'm fine. What has the Red Axe been doing? He has been meeting with representatives from Sigmund, among the pioneers of H.A.M, a scout from Lucien, and Lords from the hidden city of Arposandra.

    NOTE: If you haven't completed While Guthix Sleeps, your personality will notice how"weak" Lucien is, and why they are meeting with him. In case you have completed While Guthix Sleeps, then you will be alerted that Lucien is trying to align with The Red Axe. The two variations will not be put in the quest dialogue, due to it being complicated and confusing to see, but they'd be in the actual pursuit.

    I thought Hreidmar left town. He did. Not yet. We want you to get in touch with all the Temple Knights, and also have them attempt to align themselves with the Red Axe, so we have spies within their organization. I am a temple knight, therefore it should be simple enough.

    Head to Falador and speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien. The Black Guard needs your aid against the Red Axe. The Red Axe? We haven't received information about these in quite some time. They are considering forming some kind of alliance. Arposandra? The hidden gnome city! Yes. This is incredible information. We are going to get in touch with Veldaban right away!

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