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The name of his character is Varce

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Start date 17-07-21 - 11:58
End date 20-07-21 - 08:23
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    Gladiators; The Ancient Knights' Ancestors, Crazy Warriors, and More. You now have the possibility of becoming one for the very first time. But, it's not as simple to fight in the Arena and earning levels. To begin, you must complete the Ancient Triumph quest. There are currently two Gladiator Masters. One of them is in the City of the Gladiators right close to the Arena.

    The name of his character is Varce. Varce is wearing the Elite 10th Gladiator Armour with an Gladiator Skillcape. Varce sells the Gladiator Skillcape with the hood for 99,000 grams.

    He is also called Ivan, and he is located near the Duel Arena. He wears Gladiator’s Pride Armour. He is wearing a Gladiator Cape, both obtainable at the Arena. He'll also sell Gladiator's Beginner Armour and Gladiator's Beginner Dagger. (Dagger is not posable.)

    Gladiator Emote. After you've reached Level 99 Gladiator, you have the option of purchasing Varce's skillscape. The description of the emoticon is as the following: A Three-Headed Abomination appears, and strikes a 40 on the Player who is unharmed. Elite 10th Gladiator Armour is then equipped with the abomination, and it is one-hit-killed leaving behind a large pile of bones. The armour is then removed.

    All Gladiator Armour including Elite can be bought or obtained through the Mini-Game following the quest. Part 2: A Quest fit for a Gladiator. Ancient Triumph. Skill Requirements:50 Attack. 50 Strength. 50 Defense. 40 Theiving. 45 Cooking. 45 Woodcutting. 45 Fishing. Ability to beat Level 275 Pyre Gladiator. Level 175 Sea Gladiator. Level 205 Earth Gladiator. Level 125 Air Gladiator.

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