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Sundays are spent at church

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    I believe that my account being blocked was a blessing by God to get back to my normal life. I have a joyful college experience now that i am at the end of my third year. Sundays are spent at church and I spend time with my family. I wanted bomb the headquarters of this gaming company but voilence doesn't seem to be the answer. In addition, runescape isn't the only game that is eating people's lives.

    This is a discussion. I will first post the question and then reply with my opinion. To make it short the term pf2p can be used to refer to pure free play. This is a player who has not been an RS member at any point during his RS "life".

    Do you believe that free players who achieve the same level of skill in a short amount of time will be recognized more than players who achieve the same level of skill in a shorter amount of time? This is just for the skills that F2Ps and members are able to access and comparing it would be pretty absurd.

    Also, I DO know that free players have to pay 6 bucks for their skillcape. Pf2P is a reference to someone who has made a profit of 99, but only pays 6 dollars to buy the skillcape. Not someone who waits to be 90 before switching to member to speed up leveling.

    It is important to remember that there are always people who wish to downplay other peoples achievements by calling them ‘no-lifers’ and nerds.

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